Cream Liqueurs packaging

Winkies are packaged in transparent canisters with 24 Winkies per canister. These canisters fit 4 into a case.

24 x 30ml units in transparent labeled canisters.
4  x 24 x 30 ml unit canisters per case.
Weight of Canister – 1.2 kg
Weight of case      – 5.0 kg
Case dimensions  – 325 x 325mm x 200mm high.
All products and packaging fully barcoded.



Canister with Sours
Canister with Sours

30ml content per unit.
24 X 30ml units per canister, 4 units each of 6 different flavors.
4 Canisters per box.
4 X 24 X 30ml units per box.